LED Watch Looks Funky

Paul Lilly

Are you the type that hates it when complete strangers bother you for the time? Yanko Designs' LED Array watch is your ticket to getting back at them.

Just flip your wrist and flash your watch at the next person who asks for the time, and then try not to smile when you see a pained look cross their face as they try to figure out what they're looking at. It's actually pretty simple to tell time on the LED Array watch, but only if you know the trick.

There are three rows of LEDs, the top tells the hour and the middle and bottom rows tell the minutes. If it's 2:38PM, for example, two LEDs light up on the top, three in the middle, and eight on the bottom.

Alternately, ThinkGeek's LED Binary watch is another similar option.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

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