Leather-Clad Keyboard Brings Preposterous Opulence to the PC

Paul Lilly

One way to show off your wealth is to invest in an OLED keyboard, but do the brightly lit keys really mesh with your many leather-bound books in a home office that smells of rich mahogany? No, of course it doesn't. To complete your home office decor, what you really need is a leather-wrapped keyboard , and now you can get one.

The Japan-made Gokukawa keyboard comes hand-wrapped in rich black leather with a glossy black-on-black design and takes workers two weeks to make. And like Metadot's Das Keyboard, you can order the leathery Gokukawa with or without labeled keys. But what isn't so luxurious is the decision to saddle the plank with a USB 1.1 hub instead of 2.0. We're also not digging the lack of a numpad, which can make adding up all that extra money needlessly difficult.

The Gokukawa has one other dirty little secret, this one for the better. At the current exchange rate, the marked and unmarked versions run about $550 and $600 respectively, a veritable bargain next to the $1,580 Optimus Maximus.

Image Credit: Wazakura Koubou

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