Leap Motion Controller Delayed Until Jule 22, Drats!

Paul Lilly

More testing is needed before shipping out the Leap Motion controller.

The Leap Motion gesture-based controller has the potential to finally deliver Minority Report-style computing, but we won't find out for sure until at least the middle of July. Leap Motion pre-orders for the flash drive-sized device kicked off in February of this year, and at the time, it was promised the units would be begin shipping out on May 13 . With that date fast approaching, Leap Motion's developers thought it best to put push back the release a couple of months so that they can put the controller through some additional testing.

"This is not a decision we take lightly... The reality is we very likely could have hit the original ship date. But it wouldn’t have left time for comprehensive testing," Leap Motion CEO, Michael Buckwald, stated in an open letter . "This will come in the form of a beta test that will start in June. We will give the 12k developers who currently have Leap Motion controllers access to the feature complete product including OS interaction (today developers only have access to the SDK). We will also invite some people who are not developers to join the beta test."

In case you haven't yet read about it, the Leap Motion controller is supposed to be able to track all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter, making it up to 200 times more sensitive than existing motion-control technology. There are a lot of applications for this kind of thing. For example, you could pretend to hold a pencil and draw a picture or jot down notes, sculpt and mold 3D objects, and of course play games, to name just a few.

The technology caught the attention of HP , which is planning to embed the Leap Motion controller into select consumer PCs.

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