Leaked Xbox One Manual Details Kinect Positioning

Brittany Vincent

Smaller living spaces may now function well with Kinect

Back in August we reported that Microsoft had done an early unboxing video to showcase its latest Xbox One console. Now that we're less than a month away from getting our hands on the piece of new tech, new details are surfacing left and right, like manual leaks (via ExtremeTech ) that offer insight into how the console and the Kinect peripheral must be set up.

The scans floating around are written in Portuguese and is a PDF detailing where and how the Kinect must be placed upon setup, an important piece of information when you consider one of the reasons the Kinect barely functioned the way it should, this is big news: it can be mounted anywhere from two feet to six feet from the ground. Players must stand at least 1.4 meters away, a significant improvement for those of us who haven't the luxury of huge living spaces. The quality of the Kinect library probably won't change, but hopefully the functionality will, so this manual is certainly promising in that regard.

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