Leaked Slides Point to Sandy Bridge-E Launching in Q4

Paul Lilly

Intel is being somewhat coy with the launch of its Sandy Bridge-E processors for enthusiasts and still hasn't announced an official release date, leaving it up to the Web's many rumor mills to fill in the blanks. The latest word comes from Turkish website Donanimhaber , which managed to get its hands on leaked slides showing an updated roadmap for Intel's desktop platforms, including Sandy Bridge-E.

According to the slides, Intel plans to launch the Sandy Bridge-E 3000 Series in the fourth quarter of 2011. These processors will consist of the the Core i7 3960X (hexa-core), Core i7 3930K (quad-core), and Core i7 3820 (quad-core). The highest of the three is listed as an "Extreme" chip, while the other two fall under Intel's "Premium Performance" category. All three will be based on Intel's upcoming socket 2011.

When it ships, the Core i7 3960X will supplant Intel's Core i7 990X EE processor as the chip maker's flagship CPU.

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