Leaked Screenshots Supposedly Show Left 4 Dead 2 Rebuilt Using Source 2.0 Engine

Paul Lilly

Real or fake, these are some snazzy looking screenshots

The gaming community is abuzz with what are claimed to be leaked screenshots contained in a confidential PowerPoint presentation from Valve showing portions of Left 4 Dead 2 redrawn with the next generation Source 2.0 engine . While we'll temper our excitement until if or when Valve makes an official announcement, giving some credence to the leaked photos is that they were posted by Neogaf user "CBOAT" (crazy buttocks on a train), who despite the silly nickname has a history of leaking confidential information to the masses.

He's also made inaccurate predictions on a number of occasions, so keep that in mind when viewing the L4D2 screenshots. Disclaimer aside, one of the screenshots shows the Plantation level in L4D2 as you've never seen it before. It's much more detailed and makes better use of lighting effects than the current version.

Slide 20 on the supposedly leaked PowerPoint gets into some of the technical details of Source 2.0, though it's unfortunately only partially visible. It discusses redesigned tools and workflow with the following:

  • Powerful GUI front end for content authoring (can be easily extended with custom and pre-game assets)
  • Browser for quickly finding, managing, editing assets
  • Simple, automatic compiling of content

The PowerPoint slide has gamers dreaming about Left 4 Dead 3 and Half Life 3, both of which would be obvious candidates to show off Source 2.0. However, there's no mention of either title in the slides. If this ends up being real, it's entirely possible that Valve is simply working on an updated L4D2 release and nothing more.

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