Leaked Roadmap Reveals Intel's Desktop Processor Plans Through 2015

Paul Lilly

Broadwell and Skylake headed for a Q2 2015 release

A Chinese-language website posted what it claims is an official roadmap for Intel's consumer-based desktop platforms from now through the second quarter of 2015. The roadmap covers several processors broken up into Mainstream, Premium, and Extreme categories. It also includes a time frame for Intel's upcoming Broadwell and Skylake-S architectures, both of which are scheduled for the Q2 2015, according the roadmap.

For those of you waiting on Haswell-E parts, there are three such chips coming out in Q3 2014, according to the roadmap posted by VR-Zone's Chinese channel . Two of them fall into the Premium category, Core i7 5930K and 5820K, while the Core i7 5960K is listed in the Extreme category.

It's the Broadwell and Skylake-S parts that's perhaps most interesting. Broadwell was originally supposed to have launched by now, but getting down to 14nm has been more challenging than anticipated. Now it's expected to release in the Q2 2015. When it does, it will slip into socket 1150 motherboards built around Intel's 9-Series chipset. These parts are also said to feature unlocked multipliers.

Skylake-S will sport a 14nm manufacturing process, but with a locked multiplier. They'll likely run on socket 1151 motherboards based on Intel's upcoming 100-Series chipset.

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