Leaked Roadmap Details Intel's Upcoming Notebook CPU Lineup

Paul Lilly

Intel this fall plans to attack the mobile market with no less than six new notebook processors, a leaked roadmap reveals. One of those is the Core i5 580M (2.66GHz stock, 3.33GHz Turbo) that we already knew about. This will be flanked by two other dual-core chips, including the Core i5 560M (2.66GHz stock, 3.2GHz Turbo) and Core i7 640M (turbos to 3.46GHz).

On the low-voltage front, Intel will release a couple of 15W CULV chips in the fourth quarter, including the Core i7 680UM (1.46GHz stock, 2.53GHz Turbo) and Core i5 560UM (1.33GHz stock, 2.13GHz Turbo). Also on tap is the 25W Core i7 660LM (2.25GHz).

All of these will have integrated Intel HD graphics of some sort. In the first quarter of 2011, Intel's "Huron River" platform will add WiMAX, WiDi, and Bluetooth, plus a new technology dubbed  "Zero Power ODD." As Intel lays it out, this will be a power saving mode for optical drives which will allow for playback of two full Blu-ray flicks before running out of battery life.

Leaked Roadmap Slideshow

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