Leaked Render of Motorola's First Intel-Powered Android 4.0 Phone Hits the Web

Paul Lilly

Intel and Motorola might be collaborating to make a splash in the smartphone market with a nifty new device that's been spotted online. An alleged leaked render landed at PocketNow and it shows what is supposed to be Motorola's first ever Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) smartphone, which would also happen to be one of the first Intel-powered handsets.

Details are sparse, though the render reveals a new version of Motorola's MotoBlur UI. The button-free device is supposedly powered by Intel's Medfield platform, which will go up against the likes of Nvidia (Tegra), Qualcomm (Snapdragon), and Texas Instruments (OMAP).

The phone, assuming it's real, doesn't have a name yet, though we suspect it will show up at Mobile World Congress later this month, along with a handful of other Intel-powered handsets.

Image Credit: PocketNow

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