Leaked Photos Shows Valve's Controller with a Thumbstick

Paul Lilly

A subtle but welcome addition

Valve stated earlier this year that it was holding back certifying Steam Machines until 2015 in order to give itself more time to tweak its prototype controller, which it considers to be essential to the Steam Machine experience. Now a couple of months later, a photo plucked from Valve's latest Steam client beta shows a new revision of the Steam Controller , one that's likely to be well received by gamers.

Twitter member @SteamDB (Steam Database) and Face Punch forum user DevinWatson both posted the picture in question. It's not clear if the picture represents a prototype build or is just a mockup. Either way, the only thing new that we can tell is the addition of an analog stick.

The challenge for Valve at this point is to finish developing a controller that's unique enough to justify its existence but not so wild that it turns gamers off. Most would probably agree that a left-thumbstick is a step in the right direction.

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