Leaked Paper Outlines UK Government's 5 Year IT Strategy

Paul Lilly

According to Kable.co.uk, a UK-based research firm, a draft strategy paper leaked from from the Cabinet Office zeros in on Web 2.0, cloud computing, and service oriented architecture as three key areas for harnessing IT over the next five years.

The paper, which is titled "Government ICT Strategy: New world, new challenges, new opportunities," notes that many new technologies are poised to become mainstream by 2015, but that the above three stand out from them all. It says that Web 2.0 will provide the foundation to improve public sector interaction between citizens and businesses, while cloud computing will lead to different business models for the use and reuse of applications. Service oriented architecture, it says, will enable the delivery of the G Cloud and ultimately lead to an online store of government apps.

Other technologies discussed in the leaked document include the potential of semantic advancements, which separate data and content files from application code and meanings, location aware services, human-computer interaction which removes the need for a keyboard, and technologies to improve energy efficiency.

While the Cabinet Office doesn't comment on leaked documents, a spokesman did say that the paper is aimed at steering the government's approach to IT over the next five years, and that a it hopes to publish a final draft in time for Christmas.

Image Credit: auxis.com

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