Leaked Memo Confirms T-Mobile Still Won't Run with iPhone Crowd

Paul Lilly

T-Mobile has never been invited to the iPhone party, and that's probably not going to change when Apple unveils the iPhone 5 next month. Instead, an internal company memo leaked to the Web suggests T-Mobile is working on a strategy for "Selling Against the iPhone," which would be an awfully awkward thing to train its employees to do if, in fact, the wireless carrier was receiving iPhone devices.

The leaked memo is one of two that fell into TMoNew's hands , providing more speculatory fodder that an iPhone 5 launch event is imminent (Apple hasn't officially announced plans to unveil its next generation smartphone next month, but piles of rumors and leaked info have all but confirmed it will).

While T-Mobile doesn't look to be joining the iPhone party, it will offer party favors in the form of Monthly4G SIM and Monthly 4G Micro SIM kits that are compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Adding a layer of intrigue to all this is the uncertainty surrounding future sales of certain Samsung devices. Samsung ships more Android smartphones than any other vendor, but after losing a critical case to Apple and being found guilty of patent infringement, several of the company's devices could end up banned for sale in the U.S. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all are able to fall back on iPhone sales if that happens, but T-Mobile obviously can't.

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