Leaked Lenovo Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Ultrabook Plans For 2012

Maximum PC Staff

Ultrabook’s announcements have been have been fast and furious going into the holiday season, but Lenovo fans who may have balked at the X1’s inferior battery life might have something worth waiting for. According to a leaked company roadmap supplied to channel partners, Lenovo plans to offer an Ivy Bridge Thinkpad in either May or June of next year, and these puppies will be aimed directly at high end business users, as opposed to the IdeaPad’s which are targeted at consumers.

The roadmap doesn’t give us much in terms of concrete specs, but it does claim they will offer a $1,300 13-inch model to replace the X1, along with a mainstream laptop priced closer to $800. They also mention that non Ultrabook ThinkPads will be upgraded to Chief River in March or April of next year, suggesting Ivy Bridge is just around the corner.

As a side note the presentation also references Windows 8, which they claim is expected to be ready by the fall of 2012.

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