Leaked Duke Nukem Forever Footage Appears

Paul Lilly

We don't know whether to laugh, cry, or buy a new pack of bubblegum, but for what it's worth, new images and a lengthy video of Duke Nukem Forever have surfaced on the Web.

In case you haven't purchased a PC in the past 13 years and today is your first time seeing what this whole Internet thing is all about, Duke Nukem Forever is a follow-up videogame that was officially announced way back in late April, 1997. It was supposed to be released a year later, but obviously those intentions fell flat on their face.

Several times since 2006 it appeared as though DNF would finally see the light of day, but instead the still-unreleased games has become one of the most laughably sad stories in PC gaming history (try wrapping your head around that one).

Catch the video (NSFW for language and loud music) and pics here , and then give us your over/under on when you think DNF will finally ship in the comments section below.

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