Leaked Documents Show Microsoft Considered Buying OnLive

Maximum PC Staff

As PC enthusiasts you have every right to be skeptical of OnLive as a service, but let’s just say we are impressed beyond belief that it works at all. Nothing will ever beat the experience you get with a tricked out PC, however anyone who has fired up Crysis on a netbook and actually given the service a fair shake knows they’ve managed the impossible. It would seem Microsoft agrees, and actually considering buying the service before it got too dangerous .

A 56-page document that allegedly leaked by Microsoft has given some insight into what the next generation of console hardware might look like, but also detailed a list of “threats”. The document warned management that OnLive could "up-end the console gaming market by making expensive consoles and PCs unnecessary for AAA gaming." They went on to theorize that partnerships with ISP’s could even allow for subsidized or even free hardware with a subscription. Because of this the author labeled them as a “potential acquisition target”.

Considering the fact that the documents are now almost two years old, it’s safe to say Microsoft decided against it. It’s always fun however to sit around and wonder how close they came to pulling the trigger, and what if anything they would have done with the service. Maybe Microsoft even considered upgrading the Xbox 360 with the technology, allowing them to offer improved graphics and visuals without a hardware refresh. Crazy I know, but let us know your theories in the comments below.

UPDATE: The documents on Scribd have been removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP .

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