Leaked Build Shows Further iPad-ification Of Windows 8

Brad Chacos

Reaction to Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS have been decidedly mixed. The move towards a single OS for both PCs and mobile devices has angered developers and end users alike: worried developers fear that their years of .Net and Silverlight mastery may fall to the wayside as Microsoft shifts focus to standards like CSS and HTML5, and hardcore PC owners hate the idea of iPad-ifying the desktop environment. The latest build of Windows 8 has leaked onto the Net and should only stoke the mixed usage-hating fires.

Redmond Pie's reporting that the leak, dubbed Build 7989, includes hints of SMS and geolocation support. Better known simply as "text messaging," the inclusion of SMS makes sense for an OS that hopes to find its way onto tablets. But what if you don't want SMS capabilities for your business computer? Apparently, Windows 8 includes code for "per-feature" licensing that could possibly allow Microsoft to ship a "bare bones" OS and allow users to purchase upgrades as needed, similar to the optional upgrades currently offered on Windows Servers.

The virtual keyboard built into Windows is also getting a tablet-friendly overhaul, the site reports. The size of the keys have been increased to further enhance the touch screen capabilities coming to Windows 8. Code pointing to a Microsoft App Store has also been uncovered.

While you can't get your hands on Build 7989 without illegally downloading it via torrent sites, you can view the code hinting at the SMS and geolocation applications online.

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