Leaked AMD Trinity Slide Promises Big Gains Over Llano APUs

Brad Chacos

All the headlines have been going to Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs -- When will it launch? How will it perform? When are the Core i3s coming? -- but AMD's preparing to roll out a new line of chips of its own before too long: the Trinity Fusion APU. AMD's been talking big about the Piledriver-based procs, and new leaked slides suggest that Trinity has been able to hit projected performance gains AMD bragged about during its February investor conference .

If you remember correctly, AMD said that Trinity would boast a 25 percent CPU increase and 50 percent GPU increase compared to the Llano chips currently available on the market. TechPowerUp pointed us towards SweClockers.com , which claims that the slide shown above is a leaked marketing slide targeting OEM partners. As you can see, AMD says that Trinity rocks a 29 percent productivity/CPU increase and a 56 percent graphics/GPU increase over Llano, along with an impressive 12 hours of resting battery life in mobile versions of the 32nm chip.

Will those numbers stand up to testing? Is the slide legit? Why do we ask so many questions? The answers are anybody's guess, but the slide looks pretty kosher, and it gets us more pumped for Trinity's eventual release. (Especially after re-watching the Trinity trick AMD played on conference-goers at this year's CES .) How about you?

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