LCD Panel Pricing on the Rise


Potentially bad news for summer shoppers looking to upgrade their LCD display, whether it be a TV, computer monitor, or a new notebook purchase. According to DisplaySearch, LCD panel prices for the first half of July have increased significantly , a result of panel suppliers intentionally tightening up supply in order to increase Q3 profits.

On the plus side, we're only talking about $3 to $7 more for LCD monitors, $3 to $5 for notebooks, and $5 to $15 for television displays, but that could be just the beginning. According to news and rumor site DigiTimes, some panel suppliers plan to raise prices for the monitor segment even more in July.

On the flip side, we've seen some 24-inch LCD displays selling for less than $200, such as the Asus VH242H and other models. So what gives? One reason is that some vendors are reducing prices to clear inventory as a way to maintain market share. In addition, low-cost models are becoming increasingly attractive for the same reason (gaining market share).

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