Lawfirm May Sue EA Over Buggy Battlefield 4 Rollout

Paul Lilly

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, just fix the game, please

Various problems continue to plague Battlefield 4, one of the most hyped game releases of the year. If fixes don't come soon, Electronic Arts could find itself facing multiple lawsuits , both from users frustrated with persistent issues marring the overall experience, and from stockholders who have begun to investigate whether or not EA was completely upfront during the development process.

Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC, a lawfirm based out of Atlanta, Georgia, issued a press release saying it's investigating whether or not EA "complied with the federal securities laws between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013." The apparent investigation is looking at statements issued by EA during that time with regards to the development and sale of BF4, along with the game's impact on EA's revenues and projects moving forward.

According to a Forbes , a quick online search reveals that Holzer Holzer, & Fistel often investigate public companies, though out of the results it dug up, none turned into actual lawsuits. Investment site YourMoney123 says that the law firm seems to specialize in suing publicly traded companies with publicly embarrassing problems.

Regardless, this amounts to more bad press for EA, along with added pressure to fix the many issues facing BF4. Server connectivity issues and general stability woes have been a problem since BF4 was first released.

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