Latest Update Lets Raptr Users Record and Stream Games



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This was on Xfire i think nearly 5 or 6 years ago. It was actually pretty fun. great for RPGs and stuff. But it used up a lot of resources. Recording you games and flashback recording was on there a long time ago to, way way way before the nvidia thing they have now.



"millions of viewers and billions of hours spent watching"

Watching other people play video games. What a bunch of losers. That may be the most pathetic statement on modern society I've ever read.



Imagine how many viewers and billions of hours are spent by people binging on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, etc... How is that ANY different? I've known people who will watch an entire season of 24 or Breaking Bad in a weekend... and people who watch video games are losers? Comments like that on a website that obviously caters to PC gaming are what make me wonder how things ever get done throughout humanity. If everyone were as close-minded as you sir, we'de still be in the stone age. Find a new website to troll.


Sean D Knight

They are losers because they spend their time watching someone play a game and chatting with each other? How is that any different than people who spend all their time watching sports, television, and movies?



Ghost XFX

Actually, that would be players within a community gelling together. Multiply that by the number of popular games, and....Go to Twitch and watch their streams, info is passed along, friends are made on and off line.

Losers? Some of those "losers", you'd be surprised to learn what they do in their normal lives.