Latest Humble Bundle Features Civilization Franchise



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I had Civ 3, I have Civ IV complete, I have Civ V minus the Brave New World expansion, I only want the Sid Meier's Railroads, but I guess paying $15.01 to get the Railroads ($10 on Steam atm) and Brave New World xpac ($30 on Steam) is a good deal, and its for a good cause :)



Pay more then the average of 8.35 to get Civ 5!?!?!

I call bullshit that the average is actually 8.35

Total bullshit

And for 15, you get the basically the current game.

This is nothing more then a steam sale, with spam games.



When you consider that a lot of people give more than the minimum, and that $15 is the gate to get all of the games, is it really so unbelievable that the average would be higher this go around? I mean, it was similar situation last sale when Starbound was offered briefly for people who paid $10 or more. It had a noticeable effect on the average, too, and that was only for the first 1000 people.

Plus look at it this way...that's $8.35 for the kids! :)



Hmm, the problem with this bundle is, once I have the latest Civ, I never play the old ones.



I used to be such a fan of Civilization games, but something happened between Civ 4 and Civ 5... I discovered Paradox strategy games (first Rome Universalis, then Europa Universalis 3, then Crusader Kings 2 (best one of them) and now Europa Universalis 4). I played EU3 so much! and I think Civ 5 came after CK2 not sure, but as usual I got the last Civilization because I was a fan... but I felt it so shallow after being used to Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings 2's depth, that I played Civ 5 for like 4 hours and never again.



Interesting. I can't say that I've ever gotten into TBS or Sid Meier but if nothing else this would give me one of the "industry standard" benchmark games.



You should consider playing some of the Paradox Grand strategy games, they're really good, larger in scope, more detailed, and in my personal opinion, more enjoyable than civilization. However, that being said, Paradox Grand Strats are not very approachable, so eh. XD