Latest Version of Fraps Fixes Overlay Color in F.E.A.R. 3

Paul Lilly

We're a few days late on this one, but if you like to record your awesome in-game moves for all the world to see, or test out how your hardware upgrades fare in real-world testing, there's a new version of Fraps available -- version 3.4.6 -- that adds a handful of feature updates and bug fixes, one of which you already gleaned from the title.

Other bug fixes listed in the changelog :

  • Fixed detection of IL2: Cliffs of Dover and Bloodline Champions
  • Fixed counter appearing in Thunderbird and Pale Moon applications
  • Other minor bug fixes

The new build also includes an update to the loop recording mode that allows you to set a custom length for the buffer instead of the default 30 seconds. To use it, press and hold the video capture hotkey until the Fraps counter turns pink. In addition, the Fraps team said it also coded in a few new optimizations for recording at high resolutions such as 1920x1080. And finally, you should see some performance gains in most OpenGL and DirectX games.

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