Latest Update in the Seagate Firmware Upgrade Saga


We've been following closely ever since some Seagate hard drive owners started complaining late last week that their hard drives were failing "at an alarming rate." Following a flood of complaints on Seagate's support forum and plenty of media coverage, Seagate responded with a firmware update that was supposed to solve the issue and prevent future lockups from occurring for owners who hadn't yet been affected. Turns out the new firmware wasn't quite ready for prime time, and Seagate had to pull the update after learning it was bricking users' hard drives. Oops!

The latest straight from Seagate is that the company has now released yet another firmware update that both will prevent future problems and undo the damage inflicted by installing the original firmware 'fix.'

"While we believe that the vast majority of customers will not experience any disruption related to this issue, as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Seagate is offering a free firmware upgrade to proactively address those with potentially affected products," Seagate said in a statement. "This new firmware upgrade corrects compatibility issues that occurred with the firmware download provided on our support website on Jan. 16. We regret any inconvenience that the firmware issues have caused our customers."

To determine whether or not your drive is affected, Seagate is advising users to visit its support site , which our own Mark Soper was on top of two days ago ( LINK ). If you still can't access your data following the new firmware, Seagate says not to panic, the data is still there and it is working with customers to "expedite a remedy."

If you need further support, drop a line to (or ) or call Seagate's call center at 1-800-SEAGATE (1-800-732-4283).

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