Latest Trend: University Dorms Ditch Landlines

Paul Lilly

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, university dorms are getting rid of landlines as cell phones become increasingly popular. Doing so has the potential to save schools boat loads of money.

Take the University of Virginia, which has removed almost 4,000 telephones from its residence halls so far this summer. The result? The school will pocket an additional $500,000 a year by not having to fork over funds for telephone service.

"Students may still request a landline telephone, but I don't anticipate that a lot will," said chief housing officer Mark Doherty in a statement. "Over the past several years, landline use has decreased a lot."

Virginia is far from alone in ditching landlines. The University of South Dakota did the same thing over the winter, and according to a university spokesman, the saved funds benefit the students the most "primarily through re-allocating those resources into other student programs."

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