Latest Luxury PC from Eazo Packs a Hardwood Finish

Paul Lilly

Remember when computer cases were little more than unsightly beige boxes hidden underneath a computer desk? Case design has visually evolved over the years perhaps more than any other PC component, with some paint jobs costing several thousand dollars. Throw in a custom mod and high end components, and watch that price tag quickly sky rocket, such as Eazo's $45,500 X70 desktop rig it unveiled earlier this year.

Eazo, the company making a name for itself by "combining Eastern philosophy and Western technology into personal computing perfection," is back at it again , this time with a luxurious looking wooden PC. The Z70 comes constructed with a combination of rosewood and aluminum magnesium alloy, topped off with a Chinese lacquer paint job. Inside sits a water-cooled Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processor.

No word on pricing or availability, and given the cost of Eazo's previous rigs, that's probably a good thing.

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