Latest Leaked Windows 8.1 Build Packs 'Help + Tips' App

Pulkit Chandna

Build 9471 leak comes just a few days before RTM (release to manufacturing)

One of the many criticisms of Windows 8 is that it has a steep learning curve, which is ironic as Microsoft has also been accused of unnecessarily dumbing down its operating system by saddling it with a touch-friendly layer of tiles and apps. The upcoming Windows 8.1 update will thankfully address both issues. While we have already witnessed the ability to skip the Start Screen and boot straight to desktop in earlier builds, a new leaked build contains something that is meant to help first-time users acclimatize themselves to the Windows 8 interface a lot faster.

Windows 8.1 build 9471 , which has leaked just a few days ahead of Windows 8.1’s scheduled release to OEMs, features a new “Help + Tips” app, which will educate first-time users about Windows 8 under six different heads: Start and apps; Get around; Basic actions; Your account and files; Settings; and What's new.

The built-in apps in this leaked build feature three dots in the bottom right corner, which when clicked force the context menu to come out of hiding. Similarly, the built-in apps now remind the user that they can swipe in from the right to summon the Charms bar and the Start Menu. These may sound like little changes, but they will surely make life a lot easier for many a frustrated Windows 8 user.

Some of the other changes included in the build are:

  • Built-in apps like Mail, People, Photos and Calendar have been updated with new features and improvements.
  • Skype is included as a stock app
  • The Photos app no longer features Facebook and Flickr integration (only SkyDrive)
  • A couple of new animated backgrounds

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