Latest Firmware Adds 3D Blu-ray Support to PlayStation 3


Sony's latest PS3 firmware update is sure to please those PS3 owners who have already bought into the 3D hype. Firmware v. 3.50, which the company began rolling out today, brings 3D Blu-ray support to the console , turning it into a 3D Blu-ray player. Of course, you will still need to ensure that the PS3 is connected to a 3D TV. As some of you might recall, Sony enabled stereoscopic 3D gaming on the PS3 through a similar firmware update in April, before proceeding towards offering 3D game titles through the PlayStation Network for the first time in June. So now “the only console on the market that can support full stereoscopic 3D gaming” is also a full-fledged 3D Blu-ray player.

Image Credit: JoyStiq

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