Latest Firefox Aurora Includes Web App Support

Pulkit Chandna

It’s no longer hard to imagine a world where Web apps are just as powerful and popular as—if not more than—desktop apps. As inviting as such a world may seem to many, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done before web apps can give native apps a run for their money. Mozilla, for one, is doing its bit. We’re not talking about the highly ambitious Firefox OS (formerly Boot to Gecko) here. Instead,we’re referring to something much more basic: Web app support.

Among a handful of other features and fixes, the latest Firefox Aurora build comes with Web app support baked in . This build, which will eventually become Firefox 16 in October, is noteworthy due to the fact that it’s the first to support the long-overdue Mozilla Marketplace, a store for Web apps (à la Chrome Web Store). Currently, only a limited number of “invited Mozillians” have access to the Mozilla Marketplace, which is expected to open its doors to the general public sometime later this year.

Mozilla sees Web apps as being central to its mission of delivering a people-centered experience. As part of its Kilimanjaro initiative, the open-source outfit is trying to “realize a tightly integrated set of products” so as to leave the user in greater control of their apps and identities across multiple devices.

“The Kilimanjaro Event is an initiative to bring Mozilla projects (Firefox on desktop and mobile, Marketplace, Persona, and B2G) together in one integrated experience. It is an opportunity for our entire community to focus on products and features which are most important to Mozilla's mission of an open internet and web platform,” reads the Kilimanjaro wiki page on Mozilla’s site.

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