Latest Digsby Build Features a Buddy List Makeover

Paul Lilly

The Digsby team has put out a new version of its multiprotocol instant messaging and social networking app, noting a handful of "major improvements." These include:

  • New Email/Social Network Panels
  • New Auto-Update System
  • Increased Stability

According to Digsby's developers, the latest release features a makeover to the email and social network panels on the buddy list, making it easier than ever to manage accounts.

The other big change involves the auto-update system, which Digsby likens to Google Chrome. Prior to this release, updates were annoyingly downloaded before logging in, so if you wanted to sign-in real quick to send an important IM before heading out the door, you would often have to sit back and wait. With the latest release, Digsby is much more courteous and downloads updates after logging in, which are then applied at the next restart.

Digsby Download

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