Latest DayZ Patch In Its Weird Glory Goes Live January 20th

Brittany Vincent

Experimental DayZ build balances stomach capacity

This may well be the weirdest information you've ever seen in a video game's patch notes. Dean Hall, via PC Gamer, has posted up the pending changelog of a build of DayZ he and his team have been working on over the last few weeks. Included are some pretty bizarre alterations that would sound mighty weird to anyone who hasn't actually played the game.

The build goes live tomorrow, January 20th, and includes some zany-sounding updates like the following:

- Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up)
- Saline transfusion doesn't refill full blood
- Balanced stomach capacity

Of course, all of those updates are pretty delectable for those who dare to enter the austere world of DayZ . Additional updates such as allowing character names to be edited in the main menu, berry picking, and the harbor town of Svetloyarsk make this patch something to look forward to, as bizarre as it sounds. Let us know if it delivers in the comments below.

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