Latest Chrome Preview Includes Bookmark Syncing


Nope, Google's Chrome browser still doesn't come with extension support (do'h!), but as of the latest developer build, it does come with built-in bookmark syncing (woohoo!).

"Many users have several machines, one at home and one at work for example. This new feature makes it easy to keep the same set of bookmarks on all your machines, and store them alongside your Google Docs for easy web access," Google wrote in a blog post .

Somewhat late to the bookmark syncing game, Chrome is the only major browser to make the feature both built-in and free. User's of Apple's Safari browser have been able to sync bookmarks for some time now, but it requires a MobileMe subscription ($99/year). Firefox users don't have to fork over any ducats, but they do have to install an appropriate extension, such as Xmarks.

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