Latest Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch Boots SecuROM from Steam Version

Nathan Grayson

We never thought we’d declare DRM the least of a game’s problems, but even though Battlefield Bad Company 2 has 99 problems , at least SecuROM DRM ain’t one .

In addition to squashing a number of bugs and shining up the game’s UI, a recent patch stripped Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Steam version of its – most would say – unneeded SecuROM DRM. After all, Steam’s a big PC gaming platform now. It can take care of piracy protection itself.

Sadly, if you didn’t acquire your copy of the game from Valve’s storefront, consider yourself stuck in the bad company of SecuROM for the time being. But hey, here’s this nice list of changes and upgrades to take your mind off that depressing reality. Better than nothing, we suppose.

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