Latest Apple Tablet Rumor Claims a November Launch

Paul Lilly

Rumors of an Apple tablet have been swirling since at least mid-2001 when Kevin Fox, a user experience designer for Google, posted a blog predicting the release of the iPad. That never came to fruition, but it wouldn't be the last time 'Apple' and 'tablet' would be muttered in the same breath (see Mac Life's The History of the Apple Tablet Rumor for a detailed timeline).

Fast forward 8 years and it appears the Apple tablet may finally be on the verge of release. An anonymous source (not ours) claims to have held a prototype and says Apple will have a final design ready in the next six weeks, which could be announced in September for release in November, just in time for the holiday rush. Or so says Barron's , part of The Wall Street Journal .

Barron's speculates the device could retail for $700 to $800, which sounds about right for an Apple-branded tablet. And according to Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research, look for gaming functionality to be a "big part of what this is about." Maybe it'll play Duke Nukem: Forever .

Image Credit: Mac Life

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