Fires Back Over RIAA Rumors

Paul Lilly

The RIAA was pretty upset to learn that the unreleased U2 album "No Line on the Horizon" had been leaked onto Bit Torrent last week, so much so that rumors surfaced saying the RIAA was on the hunt for for anyone who may have downloaded the album via's Scrobbler service, according to news site TechCrunch. Worse yet, the weblog said a tipster informed them that " recently provided the RIAA with a giant dump of user data to track down people are scrobbling unreleased tracks." And what did have to say on the matter?

"On Friday night a technology blog called TechCrunch posted a vicious and completely false rumor about us: that handed data to the RIAA so they could track who’s been listening to the “leaked” U2 album," wrote in a blog . "I denied it vehemently on the Techcrunch article, as did several other staffers. We denied it in the forums , on twitter, via email – basically we denied it to anyone that would listen, and now we’re denying it on our blog."

The blog entry, which is titled "Techcrunch are full of s**t," goes on to say takes "very seriously" being entrusted to users' listening data and that it will "never share personally identifiable data such as email and IP addresses." The blog also pointed out that all the press coverage has caused a spike in the number of people listening to U2 recently, so its record label should actually be patting itself on the back for a successful launch.

In any event, users can officially exhale, your private data remains safely tucked away on a server in London.

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