Last Chance to Pick Up a Windows 7 Family Pack?

Paul Lilly

If you don't fancy yourself a gambling man and have been putting off picking up a Windows 7 Family Pack, you better get on the ball.

"This product is available for a limited time and will be available to purchase until December 31, or while supplies last," Amazon notes in its Windows 7 Family Pack product page.

Amazon sells the Family Pack for $125, which is $25 less than Microsoft first priced the bundle back in early October. At the time, Microsoft said it would be a limited run, but never specified how long these 3-packs would be available. Once December 31 rolls around, the Family Pack will have been on the market for around 13 weeks. By comparison, Microsoft yanked the 3-pack from store shelves after just six weeks back in 2009.

The Windows 7 Family Pack includes three Upgrade licenses that are meant to be installed on computers running Windows XP or Vista.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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