Large Hadron Collider Succumbs to Single Bad Solder, Repairs to Cost $21 Million

Maximum PC Staff

Don’t worry, fear mongers. The LHC isn’t going to start up anytime soon, and it’s all because of one bad solder .

When the LHC was initially started up, it was doing lots. It was going through all of its testing, it was gathering plenty of data to boot, and it wasn’t destroying the planet (I like that last one the most). The testing process of CERN’s love child was well underway, but sadly came to an immediate halt when a transformer broke in the last stage of testing, taking down plenty of expensive circuits with it. All, according to Spokesman James Gillies, thanks to one bad solder.

June is slated for the earliest restart date, but until then they’ve got a massive $21 million to spend on repairs. What exactly they plan to spend it on hasn’t been announced.

Image Credit: CERN

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