Laptop Pads Ineffective in Combating Laptop-Induced Infertility


If you plan to invest in a laptop chill mat in the hope that it would loyally defend your virility, you are in for a shock. A new study published in the Fertility and Sterility claims that cooler pads offer little protection against the likelihood of a man’s fertility melting in the heat from his laptop. According to the study, just 10 to 15 minutes of notebook use can send scrotal temperatures soaring to perilous highs. The condition is medically known as scrotal hyperthermia (overheating of the testicles).

Placing the notebook on your lap with the knees closed can force your scrotal temperature to rise by 1.41°C-2.31°C. Even though the study shows that those using laptop pads and sitting with legs akimbo experience a relatively smaller rise in scrotal temperatures, it still poses a considerable threat to the gift of procreation.

“Sitting position with closely approximated legs is the major cause of scrotal hyperthermia. Scrotal shielding with a lap pad does not protect from scrotal temperature elevation,” the study warns. “Prevention of scrotal hyperthermia in LC users presently is not feasible. However, scrotal hyperthermia may be reduced by a modified sitting position (legs apart) and significantly shorter use of LC.”

Spread those legs. Now!

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