Lacie's Little Big Disk Combines SSD Storage with Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity

Paul Lilly

Fastest portable storage around

Lacie has a lineup of products it plans to demo at CES in Las Vegas this week, and among them is the Little Big Disk , one of the first storage solutions enabled by Thunderbolt 2. According to Lacie, it's the fastest portable storage solution on the market. By stuffing high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) inside, the Little Big Disk delivers speeds up to 1375MB/s over Thunderbolt 2.

That's several times faster than even the fastest mobile USB 3.0 solutions, made possible by combining a set of 500GB PCI-E Gen 2 SSDs in RAID 0. With all the speed, Lacie says users can stream and edit 4K or 3D video while in the field. No word yet on price, though Lacie says it will be available in the first quarter of 2014 and will come with a Thunderbolt cable.

Lacie also announced Fuel, a portable and wireless hard drive for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It doesn't do Windows users any good, but if you own an iOS device, the Fuel adds 1TB of external storage that you can access wirelessly from your mobile gadget. That's enough storage to hold up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs, or 190,000 photos, Lacie says. It's also AirPlay compatible and has 10 hours of battery life. Fuel will be available soon for $199 MSRP.

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