LaCie's CloudBox Combines Offline Storage with Online Backups

Paul Lilly

We're constantly preaching the importance of backing up data as a preventative measure against Murphy's Law. Hard drives fail, and while it never happens at a convenient time, having backups in place is the difference between yelling out a string of obscenities and punching a hole in the wall, or muttering a few curse words under your breath before moving on. LaCie wants to help you take the latter route with its new CloudBox, a hybrid storage system that backs up your files in two locations.

You plug it in, set it up, and sit back as the CloudBox automatically shuttles your data from its local hard drive to the cloud. That way even if a fire breaks out or ninjas come crashing through your home destroying everything in sight, you'll still have an online copy of your backed up data.

"No other product offers a one-step process for backing up your files in two places, ensuring you always have a second copy for ultimate data security," LaCie says . "Simply backup files from your PC or Mac computer to the CloudBox -- local backup ensures quick file access and restoration in case of a PC failure. Then the CloudBox automatically sends a copy of your files to the cloud, daily -- ensuring your data is safe and accessible from anywhere."

You don't have to keep the CloudBox hooked up to your PC, so if you're rocking a notebook or backing up data from multiple computers, you're free to disconnect the CloudBox and it will still upload your files. And to keep prying eyes from spying your documents, the CloudBox features AES encryption.

Sounds like a solid idea to us, though the CloudBox is only available in 100GB capacity. That's probably enough to hold all your critical data, but well short of backing up even half the content of your 2TB hard drive.

The CloudBox is available for $200 and includes one year of online backups.

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