Lacie Lays Claim to World's Fastest Portable Hard Drive

Paul Lilly

Little Big Disk boasts transfers of up to 1,375MB/s

With content creators now making 4K videos, high-speed storage solutions are fast becoming a necessity. That shouldn't be a problem for Lacie's new Little Big Disk. Lacie, which is owned by Seagate, says its Little Big Disk is the world's fastest portable storage solution ever , and with speeds of up to 1,375MB/s, it would be hard to argue against that claim. Of course, to be in the neighborhood of those speeds, you'll need to take advantage of the drive's Thunderbolt 2 port.

Inside the Little Big Drive are a pair of 500GB PCI-E Gen 2 solid state drives pre-configured in RAID 0 (RAID 1 and JBOD are also supported). In addition to 1,375MB/s read performance, the Little Big Drive can write data at up to 1,180MB/s. Performance is even better if you daisy chain two of them together.

"Professionals can daisy chain up to five LaCie Little Big Disks plus a 4K display, and connect them to a computer via a single cable," Lacie says . "Now it's possible to create a plug–and–play 4K video editing environment that delivers scalable capacity, incredible speed and convenience to workflows."

To keep heat and noise from becoming a problem, Lacie added two heat-dissipating aluminum plates and a larger thermoregulated fan that only turns on when necessary.

What's not little about the Little Big Drive is the price -- it carries an MSRP of $1,299 and is available now direct from Lacie.

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