LaCie Launches Luxurious $130 4GB USB Drive

Paul Lilly

Before you scoff at the $130 price tag for a mere 4GB of portable storage, consider that, in a pinch, you could jam LaCie's silver-plated "Galet" into a werewolf, instantly killing the beast before it has a chance to chew on your face.

That isn't the intent, of course. Instead, LaCie and Christofle set out to create "an elegant object for your digital belongings." The two companies did that by creating a pebble-shaped USB key individually hand-crafted in France and "plated with precious silver through Christofle's 150 year-old silvering process." After that, each one is inspected to make sure it's both smooth and polished.

"The spirit and philosophies of Christofle and its luxury brand, combined with the technical expertise of LaCie, have come together to transform a universal technology into an object that is as beautiful and simple a treasured piece of jewelry," said Luc Pierart , Business Unit Manager, Consumer Peripherals, LaCie "Each time you open it, its mystery is revealed – an elegant USB key."

The Galet is available now and includes a gift box. It also includes LaCie's Private-Public software with password protection.

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Image Credit: LaCie

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