LaCie and Symwave Team Up to Launch the 2Big USB 3.0 RAID Box


LaCie announced today a brand new storage option made available by USB 3.0’s massive throughput. John O’ Neill, VP of Marketing at Symwave boasted, “The end user experience of external storage is undergoing a very significant upgrade with the launch of USB 3.0 products. We are pleased to be leading the market transition with such a strong partner like LaCie.”

Lacie integrated Symwave’s dual SATA bridge controller, which touts burstable read speeds of 275MB/s, enough to perform real time streaming and editing of HD files. The 2Big USB 3.0 RAID drive will sport up to 4TB of storage and should be available early in 2010. The new product will be showcased at CES 2010 in January as well.

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