Kuwait to Non-Journalists: No DSLR for You!

Paul Lilly

While you're giving thanks today as you carve the turkey and watch the Patriots beat up on the Lions, you should also give thanks that you live in a country where you're allowed to tote a DSLR camera.

The same can't be said for Kuwait. According to The Kuwait Times , the country's Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs, and Ministry of Finance had the not-so-bright idea of banning DSLR cameras for personal use. The idea is that photography is only fit for journalistic purposes, not for walking around willy-nilly snapping high quality pics of this and that.

Point-and-shoot digital cameras and cell phone cameras are still allowed, but apparently those big, black devices tend to make people nervous.

"While using a DSLR, a passerby may wonder if the camera is being used for the wrong reasons," The Kuwait Times writes. "Taking a picture of a stranger would seem like much less of an issue if you were using a more discreet camera or even a cell phone."

More on the story here .

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