Kudoso Router Lets Kids Earn Internet Time for Doing Chores



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Everything you listed is possible to accomplish using linux.

Take a low power system, even one dedicated to be a router like the soekris boards, have at least two (gigabyte) LAN ports (pci-x adapters with 4+ ports are available), configure everything or use a dedicated distro like pfSense, monowall, ipcop, etc. (Yes I know not all of those are linux, some are BSD)

Done :)



I actually designed a better version of this back in 2004. On paper, Maybe one day, I will find a router that has all these features,But since I'm not rich like Linksys or Trendnet, I will have to just wait. My 8 Ethernet Port dream router had features not available at the time, such as:

1: Advanced Bandwidth Management.
Allows you to assign allocate bandwidth based on port. So if you have 100mb Down / 50mb Up, you can divide that equally among all ports or set individual limits. Can also set priorities to individual things. So that way, if your playing a game, you are not lagged off if someone else starts watching Netflix or starts downloading "Uncensored Media" or huge internet files. You can also set these limits to the WiFi portion individually.

2: Master HOST file with HOST lock
Adding a site to the routers Master HOST file would prevent access to those sites to all devices using the router so you don't have to enter them individually on every computer. Phones using WiFi will also be prevented from accessing those sites listed in the routers HOST file.

3: Torrent Blocker.
Would allow you to block Torrents by port or WiFi to keep your friends or kids from doing the torrent thing without permission. Would also let you set up a password system to allow the use of torrents by password.

4: Easy Media Center.
Plug in your Media filled HDD into the rear USB port (supports USB Hubs for extra hard drives) in the back, install the Media Manager App. Enter your movie poster art, Actor Info, & other movie info into. Tell it where your preferred media player is. Then use the App to find what you want to watch, when you find the movie you want to watch, the App will open the media Player of your choice & stream the movie data from the connected HDD to your computer.

5: WiFi Channel Congestion Scanner. (now being used by WiFi vendors)
Scans all WiFi channels in your area, searches for least crowded or unused channel and then sets itself to that channel automatically. Can be set to scan automatically if router senses too much interference.

6: WiFi Power Mode. (now being used by some Cell Phones)
Lets you set the amount of power used for the WiFi Signal Output. from 1 to 5 Watts.

7: Time Allotment. (now being used by Kudoso Router)
Lets you set what time Internet is available based on Day/Time.
Also lets you set router to block streaming as well so that.

8: Access By Mac Address and or Hardware ID.
Only the matching devices with the proper MAC ID and hardware Profile can use the internet or access this router.

9: WiFi User limit (now being used by many smartphones)
Can let you limit the amount of users who can use your WiFi. Can also be set to warn you via App if someone not on the approved list tries to get on your WiFi.

10: Failed Password attempt blocking.
Will block user by IP & Mac Address if that user enters more than 3 wrong passwords within the set time frame.

11: Web Password Portal (now being used by many business routers)
When attempting to access the web, user is taken to a web page hosted by the router itself, & a user must enter their password to use the internet. Access can be set to expire based on time if desired. You can also set individual passwords that expire so you can give to friends for limited use. This can be manually set for each port, all ports, or WiFi, including WiFi Only.