Kudoso Router Lets Kids Earn Internet Time for Doing Chores

Paul Lilly

A rewards-based system for earning Internet time

We're a connected society, and if you let your kids run rampant on the Internet, they might just spend the whole day on there. There are parental controls that can help make sure little Billy and Suzi aren't spending too much time on the web or visiting sites they shouldn't be, but the Kudoso router that's now on Kickstarter is a first. The Kudoso router lets you assign chores and activities to let your kids unlock Internet time on approved sites .

Kids earn points by doing things that you configure, like brushing their teeth, completing a homework assignment, practicing the flute, and whatever else. It's up to you how to configure the goals and how many points each one is worth. You can manage all this at home or from a mobile device.

"Kudoso uses our custom software installed on a high speed Internet router to manage your family's internet access at the source. By using the router as the controller for allowing content into your home, Kudoso is significantly more effective than traditional solutions that rely on software only," Kudoso's Kickstart page sates. "We know our customers value choice, so we'll deliver version 2.0 of Kudoso in two formats."

Those two formats will be hardware with software and standalone software, the latter of which will work on supported routers (a current list includes the Asus RT-N16, TP-Link TL-WDR3600, TP-Link TL-WDR4300, and Linksys WRT610N).

Intrigued? Check out the Kickstarter page for more information or to back to the project.

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