Kubuntu Dodges Bullet, Finds New Sponsor

Brad Chacos

Canonical, the company that sponsors Ubuntu Linux, announced back in February that it would no longer be funding Kubuntu -- a fork that uses the KDE desktop environment  rather than Ubuntu's Unity interface -- after the release of Kubuntu 12.04. Things looked bleak for Kubuntu as the lone full time dev working on the distro began looking for a new job. Yesterday, the dark cloud lifted: Kubuntu found a new sponsor.

Kubuntu will remain a largely community-driven distribution, but Blue Systems -- which funds several KDE-focused software projects -- will pick up developer Jonathan Riddell's salary starting in May, at the beginning of the Kubuntu 12.10 cycle. Riddell last day at Canonical is May 11th. Additionally, Geek.com reports that Blue Systems will be providing more funds for expenses and promotional costs related to Kubuntu. Yay!

Don't worry about the new boss coming in and shaking things up, either. From the Kubuntu blog : "Blue Systems sponsors a number of KDE projects and will encourage Kubuntu to follow the same successful formula as it has always had - community led, KDE focused, Ubuntu flavor."

Of course, with Kubuntu being an open, community-driven Linux distro, you could always contribute some time and expertise of your own to the project . Just sayin'.

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