Korean Broadband to Reach 1Gbps Speeds by 2012

Maximum PC Staff

According to the Korea Communications Commission , there are currently plans in place that will enhance the country’s broadband speeds to 1Gbps by the year 2012. For a frame of reference, that’s 200 times as fast as the average 5Mbps DSL connection here in the United States.

In addition to the wired infrastructure, Korea is hoping to upgrade their wireless broadband to at least 10Mbps. The KCC is encouraging the WiBro standard as a way to boost their own speeds to ten times the current rate.

This growth comes as a big part of the Korean IT framework stimulus boost, which will cost a planned $24.6 billion and create 120,000 jobs. Let’s see if the planned upgrades here at home will allow us to keep up with such ambitious endeavors!

Image Credit: Korea Communications Commission

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