Koobface Botnet Computers Used to Infiltrate, Spam Facebook


Trend Micro has issued a warning that the Koobface botnet has begun pushing out a new component capable of automatically registering a Facebook account and confirming an email address in Gmail to activate the fake persona. Once Koobface becomes part of the social network's community, it begins randomly joining Facebook groups, adding friends, and posting messages to people's walls.

"Overall, this new component behaves like a regular Internet user that starts to connect with friends in Facebook," says Trend Micro. "All Facebook accounts registered by this component are comparable to a regular account made by a human. The details provided about the account are complete such as a photo, birth date, favorite music, and favorite books, among others. In addition, every account registered is unique in such a way that the details vary for every account registered."

That's pretty wild, and it's done using Internet Explorer to create and register the account, according to Trend Micro. But what's interesting is that the Koobnet botnet halts its dastardly deed if the affected user is kicking it old school with IE6.

So how do you avoid being duped by a fake friend? You could become a loner, but that might get, well, lonely. Common sense applies - be sure you know who it is you're adding. And as usual, be wary of clicking on links. Trend Micro says the messages posted through Facebook's wall contain a link that leads to the fake Facebook or YouTube page hosting the Koobface loader component.

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