Maximum PC Staff Aug 29, 2012

Kone+ Gaming Mouse Review

At A Glance


Feels good in the hand; adjustable weight; good software support.


Not great for non-palm grippers; not our favorite scroll wheel; tracking prone to jitter.

The first thing you notice about the Kone+ is the sheer size of it. It doesn’t look that large in pictures, but when you hold it in your hands, it becomes apparent that this is one of the larger mice on the market. Lengthwise it’s about the size of other long mice, like the Razer Mamba, but it’s wider and taller throughout the whole body of the mouse. It comes with a set of adjustable weights, and is comfortable in the hand, as long as you prefer a grip where your palm rests on the mouse—if you don’t, the Kone+ isn’t the right shape for you.

The Kone+ has the button-count we’ve come to expect from a FPS or general-purpose gaming mouse. It has two well-positioned thumb buttons that are large and easy to hit, as well as dpi and profile controls. One feature you don’t commonly see on gaming mice is the tilt scroll wheel. The feature, which allows you to tilt the scroll wheel to the right or left as additional buttons, is traditionally found on office mice, not gaming mice. We suspect that the reason for this is because the additional freedom of movement in the scroll wheel makes the regular downward click feel slightly less responsive, and we could have done without it on the Kone+.

The light strips on the Kone+ can display up to four customizable colors at once.

The Kone+’s software suite is full-featured, with a manager for the onboard mouse profiles, color-control for the Kone+’s slick-looking light strips, and a very robust macro-editor. The laser sensor is 6,000 dpi and very sensitive, though we did find that it was prone to wigging out when it encountered lint or a hair on the mouse pad, to the point that it became a bit of a nuisance.

The Kone+ is a solid mouse, but in a very crowded market, its few drawbacks mean we can’t heartily recommend it. We’re looking forward to seeing Roccat’s next entry in this category.


Kone+ Gaming Mouse

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