Knight Rider Rides Again With Mio GPS


Feeling nostalgic for the 80’s Knight Rider version of The Hoff or his sidekick, KITT? Mio is releasing a Knight Rider GPS complete with all new voice prompts from William Daniels as KITT. It also includes hundreds of recorded names so it can address you by name when you’re tired of pretending to be “Michael” (if your name is on the list. It seems Devon, Bonnie, and Wilton are missing). Fortunately the graphics on Mio’s Knight Rider GPS, are way better than what the 80’s version of KITT had. It even has a KITT icon that represents where you are at on the map. All you need now is your 80’s Trans-Am and black leather jacket. The Knight Rider GPS is due out in August and expected to cost around $270.

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